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The objects



Digital photo on wooden supports, wooden sculpture, clay sculpture

What are the objects that surround us in our everyday life? What do they serve for if they are broken and abandoned? Are they useless? They become a part of an architecture and urban life. Abandoned washing machine on the street that lost her functionality starts to be a sculpture in an urban space. Abandoned hotel or a furniture on the street, looks like an art installation in the city life. Old road signs which are not functional any more, broken cars, garbage place next to the modern buildings. The foundation of the building which has never been built or a metal carcass. All that starts to be so essential, natural and invisible for a viewer in a contemporary cosmopolitan life.
When happens when they lose their practical side, does it become an esthetical object? What does it serve for in a city or in a desert? What if I take these objects and put them out of the urban life, leaving only their beauty, emphasizing it with the desert ambiance? They stay invisible in the desert and lose their attraction or they will get another interpretation there?
I took away a part of our urban life and put it in a desert and wild area, where they are not supposed to be. Are they supposed to be in a city? How do we create an architectural and cultural identity? Does it create itself? Living for 5 months in Israel, I was attracted by the urban design and the objects, which were abandoned on the streets and started to be a cultural aspect of the middle east. With a globalization aspect that affects all the parts of the planet we can find the same objects everywhere. Same design, same forms, same shapes.

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